Lecture Series promotes deeper mission at Wright Museum

For 4 years, Wright Museum in Wolfeboro has hosted an annual Lecture Series, sponsored by Ron Goodgame and Donna Canney, that Executive Director Mike Culver said satisfies a deeper educational mission.

“We structure these educational lectures in a way that offers a unique experience within the community and region,” he said. 

Scheduled lectures consist of speeches and book signings from various best-selling authors, some of which include James Benn, Justin Gordon, Robin Hutton, Delores Beal Stephens and many more. 

Culver said the support by Goodgame and Canney has been instrumental.

“We have been able to upgrade all our evening educational programs and the support has allowed us to secure top-notch speakers from a variety of diverse fields,” he said.

Goodgame said he is honored to support Wright Museum anyway he can. 

“Both Donna’s father and mine were in WWII, and we have great respect for that generation,” he said. “Much of history gets lost in the shuffle, and I think that the mission for The Wright Museum is to have an educational forum regarding the time when America all came together to fight evil.” 

Goodgame and Canney have also donated to many other charities and non-profits in Wolfeboro, although they said their support of Wright Museum is most special.

“We just really enjoy the museum and all of the memorabilia and artifacts,” explained Goodgame. “Mike Culver has done a terrific job in putting the Wright Museum on the map.” 

In total, there are 23 events planned for this year’s Lecture Series at Wright Museum, which takes place from May 1 through October 31.

For Culver, the Lecture Series epitomizes Wright Museum’s educational mission.

“The Wright was created not just for remembering but also educating,” he added.