Wright Museum Remembrance Garden

Remembrance Garden open to all at the Wright Museum

Recently, Robyn Masteller and Jami Bourdeau of Meredith Village Savings Bank (MVSB) visited the Wright Museum to take a first look at the recently planted Remembrance Garden. In June, MVSB invested $750 in the garden, which faces outward to Center Street, to enable the museum to plant a variety of plants and flowers to beautify the space.

“We are thrilled at the garden and very happy that this is a space in which the community is welcome to visit, sit and reflect,” said Masteller.

Commemorating those who served in the military, memorial bricks serve as backdrop for the garden.

“The garden is at once beautiful and poignant, as it enables people passing by to simply sit and relax while also providing a place for people to reflect on those who have served,” said Wright Museum Executive Director Mike Culver. “This space is very important to our vision at the museum, and I am very thankful for the support of Meredith Village Savings Bank, which enabled us to complete the garden.”

Granite benches help enhance the scene, while Culver noted they will soon add a state, national and MIA flag in front of the garden.

For Bourdeau, the opportunity to participate in a community-focused project was one not to be missed by the bank.

“We love projects like this that involve and invite the community in,” she said. “I am very happy at how this has turned out.”

To learn more about the Remembrance Garden, or Buy a Brick program, visit wrightmuseum.org.