Fighting on Two Fronts

This post contains an excerpt from “Fighting on Two Fronts: A Condensed History of the Tuskegee Airmen,” a StoryMap project created by Wright Museum intern Noah Eckert during the winter […]

‘Piecing’ together history at The Wright

At the Wright Museum of WWII in Wolfeboro, many individuals have contributed to making it one of the region’s most visited museums, including John Thurston. “John owns The Green and […]

The Soviet Night Witches

What was one of the most horrifying sounds a German soldier on the Russian front could hear in the dead of night – a sound that would turn his heart to jelly? The soft “whooshing” of the wind off the struts of a Night Witch’s jerry-rigged biplane bomber; described as the sound of a witch’s broom as it silently glided in to drop its payload of bombs.

Superheroes Go To War

Cover of comic book entitled Miss Victory

World War II was a life-changing event for Americans. Everyone did whatever it took to support the war and defeat Hitler and his Italian and Japanese allies. Men and women […]