The Sweet Support of the Home Front in World War II

If you follow us on social media (join us on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube), you know we celebrated National Doughnut Day last month. This sweet day has serious roots in bringing morale to the troops during both WWI and WWII. It demonstrates how the home front supported the front lines in WWII through bringing them not only a respite from regular rations but also a subtle taste of home.

Even following D-Day, these brave volunteers showed up to follow GIs and fry doughnuts to let the GIs know they were there for them and act as a visual reminder of the home front’s support.

The American Red Cross’s “Donut Dollies” and Salvation Army’s “Donut Lassies” would serve these treats to weary warfighters to help boost their spirits and let them know they were thought of fondly. Now, decades later, we still celebrate these women who gave soldiers a much-needed break from the darkness they faced on a daily basis.

For a fun activity, how about carrying the spirit of National Doughnut Day throughout the year by making your own doughnuts with the original recipe from the American Red Cross’s Donut Dollies? We’re delighted to share this recipe with you, so if you make it, please let us know!