Pvt. Charles J. Miller

WWII Paintings From the South Pacific


Pvt. Charles J. Miller WWII Paintings From the South Pacific

In 2015, the Wright Museum presented an original exhibit of 83 paintings by American serviceman Charles J. Miller. With support from Miller’s family, The Wright Museum is now able to share Miller’s work outside of NH for the first time ever.

Both NH Chronicle and the Boston Globe covered the Wright’s original Miller show.

About Charlie Miller

Private Charlie Miller fought in the Pacific Theatre during World War II and captured his deployment in over 700 of paintings, 120 of which are included in this show. He drew on whatever he had available from large sheets of paper to the insides of cigarette cartons, and using children’s watercolor sets. With these humble materials Miller created powerful works of art, full of wonderful color and skilled draftsmanship, with dramatic action and keen observation.

Exhibit Features

  • 120 artworks in show
  • 400 ft Running wall space including room for narrative text and labels
  • Interpretive text panels including an intro panel, labels for each of the artworks, and several short narrative pieces that put the works in context are included
  • Education Kit: docent training guide, film and lecture series ideas
  • Marketing Kit: high res poster file, brochure, press release
  • Other Marketing Support: The Wright will promote host organizations on social media including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram​​

Rental Fee

  • Rental fee is $5,000 for a 3-month booking; 6-month bookings available at a discount of $7,000. Additional 3-month increments can be added at $2,000 each.
  • Shipped in one truck – host institutions pay for outgoing shipping. A packing guide will be provided.
  • 25% Deposit required upon booking
  • 3-5 days estimated for installation and takedown
  • Host institution pays for insurance ($TBD)

Reserve the Exhibit

Email us at to begin your reservation process. You will receive an email once your application has been reviewed with confirmation, next steps, and follow up information.

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After we have approved your application and facility report we will send you a contract. This document will include booking dates, participation fee and deposit, requirements for security, shipping and special handling, credit language, and any other information you need. To hold your dates, please sign and return contracts and your 25% deposit within 30 days.

  • Registrarial information:
  • No food or drink in the gallery at any time
  • Temperature and humidity-controlled crate storage
  • Loading area capable of receiving tractor-trailers up to 80 feet in length and high-cube trailers (trailers with inside height of 117–124 inches)
  • Minimum 2 professional staff for receiving shipping, installation, de-installation, outgoing shipping
  • Limited-access gallery
  • Exhibition locked after hours; alarms or night guards must be in place
  • Organizations must have HVAC or equivalent environmental control and monitoring systems in place
  • Total temperature control (gallery temperature maintained at constant 65-72 degrees)
  • Relative humidity constant at 50%, +/- 5% (no greater than 6% fluctuation in a 24 hour period)
  • No sunlight; artificial light sources have UV filters and are not aimed directly at objects


This special exhibit is produced and toured by the Wright Museum of WWII. Miller’s original art works were vigilantly preserved by his niece and her husband, Nancy and Robert Dennis, whose foresight and care made this show possible. The Wright Museum is indebted to Nancy and Bob Dennis, and to Charlie Miller’s nephew and wife, Jamie and Joni Clemons, for allowing us to curate and share this exceptional exhibition. We are grateful to The Art Place of Wolfeboro; James and Jonie Clemons; and to the family of Cpt. Donald M. Jones, Navy AF 1942-45 for helping make possible the framing and mating of Miller’s works.



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