Wright Museum to Host 9-11 Memorial Ceremony

On Wednesday, September 11, from noon to 1 p.m., Wright Museum will honor the thousands of lives lost 18 years ago at a 9-11 Memorial Ceremony organized by Bob and Lindy Viscio. 

“My wife and I have been doing this memorial about 10 years after the original organizer, Jeff Adjadant passed away,” said Ceremony Organizer Bob Viscio . “We were both New Yorkers and airline crew. We represent the two airlines used in the 9-11 attacks, United and American.”

The memorial event will include local first responders, police and fire department personnel and EMS. 

“We look for people who have stories of any involvement in fallout of the attack,” Viscio said.

Museum Executive Director Mike Culver expressed the importance that the museum  host this ceremony.

“This is a really important event for the museum,” he said. “This was a very dark time in history, and it’s important to honor those who lost their lives 18 years ago. I expect it to be a sad, but healing ceremony.” 

Viscio said he expects between 60 to 70 attendees for the ceremony, but hopes for more.

“For the 10th anniversary, we had over one hundred,” he said. “About 10 UAL flight attendants arrived to support my wife, a 30-year United flight attendant. We hope to have a good showing this year, 18 years since this cowardly attack on civilian targets.”

Since The Wright Museum has long served the community as the region’s leading resource for educators and learners of all ages on World War II. It features more than 14,000 items in its collection that are representative of both the homefront and battlefield.