mike Culver

Wright Museum’s Mike Culver Talks WWII History and More

Recently, Mike Culver, executive director of the Wright Museum of World War II, made a presentation at the New Hampshire Historical Society in Concord as part of an ongoing effort to promote the importance and relevance of WWII history.

“History museums like the Wright are not only stewards of items from the past, but custodians and interpreters of the dreams, challenges and triumphs that make us who we are,” he said.

The visit was part of the Wright Museum’s participation in the New Hampshire Heritage Museum Trail of which it is a member as is The Society. In total, 17 museums make up the NH Heritage Museum Trail. Stops on The Trail include Canterbury, Concord, Dover, Exeter, Laconia, Manchester, Moultonborough, Portsmouth, Plymouth, Tamworth, and Wolfeboro.

“We promote The Trail as a tourist destination, but we sometimes visit and educate one another on our respective missions,” Culver said. “We get a chance to talk about what we do and learn what others do. It makes us a more effective association.”

As for why WWII history is relevant, Culver cited many reasons, but one he finds particularly compelling is that the entire era tells a story of a nation united in purpose.

“Today’s digital age is creating a sense of isolation in our society,” he said. “Just look at colleges where the number one problem is anxiety and depression believed to be brought on by the digital age.”

By educating young people–or anyone for that matter–about the America of WWII, he said the Wright Museum serves an important role.

“Through words, objects, music and images, we enable others to see what can be accomplished if people work together toward a common goal,” he said. “We help others see that history is a living thing, that it is relevant today. History is in fact the thread that unites all generations.”

Culver noted that Winston Churchill said it best.

“Churchill said, ‘The further backward you can look, the farther forward you can see.”’

As the region’s leading resource for educators and learners of all ages on World War II, Wright Museum is open daily May through Oct. 31.