Wright Museum’s Official Birthday Celebration a Success

Sponsored by Maxfield Real Estate, Wright Museum’s official 25th birthday celebration on Tuesday, July 16 attracted more than 180 visitors, which was more than double the attendance on the same date last year.

“It was a wonderful day with visitors able to enjoy a free piece of birthday cake,” said Wright Museum Executive Director Mike Culver, who said admission fees were rolled back to 1994 levels.

Highlights from the day, he added, included the exhibit, Esquire Magazine: The World War II Years, which opened on July 14.

Created by John Frank and curated by Wright Museum, the exhibit features more than 60 covers, cartoons, ads and photographs with subject areas that include culture, jazz, fashion, women and more.  

“It was nice to have such a busy day for what was a first peak at an exhibit that we feel appeals to all ages,” added Culver. “I’m thankful that the folks from Maxfield Real Estate could also join us on this festive day.”

The region’s leading resource for educators and learners of all ages on World War II, Wright Museum features more than 14,000 items in its collection that are representative of both the home front and battle field.