Lecture Series Presents World War II: African Perspectives

On Tuesday, June 1, Dr. Richard Lobban, Adjunct Professor of African Studies at Naval War College, will present World War II: African Perspectives. The lecture is part of Wright Museum’s 2021 Lecture Series is presented by Ron Goodgame and Donna Canney.

In World War II: African Perspectives, Lobban will discuss the political and military situation on the continent before the World War II, Africa’s occupation and “effective control” after the Berlin Congress, and the partition of Africa. He will also explain the unintended consequences of the war on African nationalism and independence after Africans acquired military experience and learned about armed struggles for independence.

World War II: African Perspectives begins at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, June 1 at Wright Museum, 77 Center Street in Wolfeboro on the first floor of the new DuQuoin Education Center. Admission is $3 for members and $8 for non-members.

Seating is limited due to CDC guidelines on social distancing. Reservations are strongly encouraged and can be made by calling 603-569-1212.

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