Taylor Community and Wright Museum To Launch Faces of Taylor

In 2021, Taylor Community and the Wright Museum will work together to shed light on Americans who lived during World War II. Dubbed Faces of Taylor, the collaboration kicks off with a video and story series in which Taylor Community residents will share their perspectives on life during and immediately after World War II.

“This is an incredible opportunity for us to share the stories of Americans with direct experience of one of the most important eras in world history,” said Mike Culver, executive director of The Wright. “We are thrilled to work with Taylor Community.”

Faces of Taylor will culminate in a 30-minute pre-recorded video that will be released in the summer as part of a special virtual event that includes interviews with residents. “We’re grateful this partnership includes an opportunity for many of our residents to share their memories about growing up and serving during this pivotal time in history,” noted Gretchen Gandini, Director of Development & Community Outreach, Taylor Community.

In addition to Faces of Taylor, Taylor Community will co-present the exhibit, Shaped by Conflict: Mementoes of the WWII Era, which provides visitors with an in-depth look at common mementos and personal items of the WWII era. Some of the items in the exhibit, which is co-presented by Weirs Times, includes sweetheart jewelry, trench art, journals and diaries, and more. “We are proud to partner with the Wright Museum to help bring the Shaped by Conflict: Mementos of the WWII Era exhibit to the Lakes Region,” added Gandini.

For Culver, the collaboration with Taylor Community is particularly special. “We are losing people from this generation every day,” he noted. “This partnership will ensure that some of their stories are captured in perpetuity so future generations can remember and appreciate their contributions to America and the world.”

The region’s leading resource for educators and learners of all ages on World War II, the Wright Museum features more than 14,000 items in its collection that are representative of both the homefront and battlefield.  

The photo is of Taylor Community Resident Jean Davis during visit to the Wright Museum in 2019. Jean is a WW2 veteran, having served in the Civil Air Patrol during WWII.