Corporate Sponsorships fuel growth at Wright Museum

Viewed as the region’s leading resource on World war II for educators and learners of all ages, the Wright Museum of WWII benefits tremendously from corporate sponsorships, including one with Service Credit Union.

“Asking for support is an integral part of what a director of a not-for-profit does,” said Mike Culver, Wright Museum executive director. “When that support evolves into a real partnership, as it has with Service Credit Union, it is truly satisfying.”

In 2019, this partnership continues with Service Credit Union’s donation of iHeart radio time, which “gives wide-ranging publicity to the museum’s educational mission.

By working together, Service Credit Union and the Wright ensure that future generations of Americans know about one of the most significant periods in our nation’s history,” he added. Winston Churchill said that ‘the further back we can look, the farther forward we can see.’ This partnership makes sure we learn from the past and can profit from those lessons.”

Aimee Sundstrom, manager, community relations at Service Credit Union, described the Wright Museum as “a gem of a destination for families in New Hampshire, rich with WWII history and memorabilia from ‘the greatest generation.’”

“Service Credit Union has been proud to partner with the museum for several years as we join them in their appreciation of the enduring contributions of made by World War II-era Americans and veterans,” she said.

While in different industries, Culver said both institutions share something very similar.

“We are community-based organizations whose focus is serving their communities,” he said. “Our communities overlap and that is why our partnership is so meaningful.”

In prior years, the museum has brought some of its WWII exhibits to Service Credit Union’s Portsmouth headquarters.

“By sharing these shows with their patrons, employees, and the Portsmouth community in general, the Wright fulfills its role as an active community partner,” said Culver. “The collaboration truly benefits both organizations and their audiences.”

Sundstrom agrees and said the partnership with the Wright Museum reflects a broader commitment to community in general.

“We also contribute to many charities that support family readiness or provide emergency services, such as the Chaplain’s Emergency Relief Fund and Veterans Count,” she said.

As for what he expects from the 2019 season, which begins May 1, Culver cited big goals.

“This is our 25th anniversary, so we will host special programs and events throughout the year,” he said.

One exhibit, he said, may garner special attention. Created by the Smithsonian Institution, “Righting a Wrong: The Japanese America and WWII” is sponsored by The Montrone Family with additional support by Northeast Delta Dental.

“It deals with the incarceration of Japanese Americans following the attack on Pearl Harbor,” said Culver. “This will be a very moving exhibit, and we are again very thankful to have support to make it possible.”

Featuring more than 14,000 items in its collection that are representative of both the homefront and battlefield, Wright Museum opens for the 2019 season on May 1.